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AFX Industrial (film scores) may not be the cheapest solution to getting your film scored, but you do get access to £100,000 of studio equipment and all of our deep industry experience. (Please check the long credit list

From TV spots for 'Chappie' (Neil Blomkamp's recent movie) to the MTV music awards to Premiers of major movies (The Dark Knight Rises). And most recently 'The Driving Dead' starring Michael Rooker from the hit TV show 'The Walking Dead' (directed by Gale Anne Hurd, Terminator/ Aliens). AFX's scores are everywhere.

Increasingly we are being contacted by serious film makers like you who have gone down the amateur composer route way too many times - Did you know, festivals and broadcasters often reject a film based on the soundtrack alone? AFX were recently approached by our Hollywood publisher to help dig them out of a legal hole because the composer had lied about his ownership of the music he'd supplied for an entire (already broadcast) TV series! Ouch!

Our reputation for being above board, and understanding complicated, copyright and public domain issues precedes us! Of course, we take care of all of those legal loopholes for you!

If you have any doubts or questions about your score (legal or musical) then don't hesitate to contact AFX Industrial (film scores) and we'll see how we can help you!

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AFX Industrial (film scores)

PS: Just last week we heard that our latest score has an award nomination for 'best original score' from the LAIFF film festival in LA. What an honour! If you want to take your score to the next level, then AFX Industrial (film scores) can do that for you!